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The Power of Duracell

Find out how Duracell's disaster response team helps communities stay connected during times of crisis.   

No one can predict when an emergency is going to strike, but if one does happen- are you prepared? Dare to Prepare Day is one day event where families can learn how to prepare for any type of natural disaster. There are many vendors participating including Duracell Batteries.

Shane Grady, Disaster Response Coordinator with Duracell brings the Duracell Rugged Responder Vehicle to ABC10 studios and shares with host Mellisa Paul, how Duracell's PowerForward Team helps communities across the country reconnect when power is lost. During emergency situations, Duracell provides free batteries, helps charge mobile devices and provides internet access to those in need. Shane also explains what Duracell has planned for Dare to Prepare Day and why the event is such a great way to educate the public about the importance of being prepared. For more information about the free one day event visit daretoprepareday.com