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Take a look inside of the home Shaq found for the family of a 12-year-old boy who was shot and paralyzed

Isaiah Payton's mother said she is so grateful for the new home because she and two boys previously shared a bed in a small apartment.

Shaquille O'Neal surprised a young boy's family with a gift they will never forget and now we are taking a look inside. 

Isaiah Payton, 12, was hit by a stray bullet after a high school football game between Mays and Carver High School. Now, he's paralyzed from the chest down. 

Payton wasn't allowed to be released from the hospital because his home wasn't equipped to handle his new disability. 

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) posted that Payton's story "moved the Public Affairs team into action." 

“This was a reckless, heartless and cowardly act of violence that forever changed the life of a 12-year-old child and his family and deeply affected another juvenile,” said Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields.

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The crew paired up with Shaq to help the family find and move into a home. When Shaq heard of Payton's situation he took action and gifted the Payton family with a new home with the rent paid in advance for one year.

“I reached out to the family because I wanted to see the son and I said he’s not going to release the sign until she’s able to move on the first floor," O’Neal tells The A-Scene’s Francesca Amiker. "So, we found her a house. I’m going to pay her rent for the year and I’m going to give her some furniture and it’s sad because her son is paralyzed from the chest down and no mother should have to go to that."

Now, we're getting a look inside. According to the Atlanta Police Department, the family moved into their new College Park rental home on October 18. Payton's mother said she is so grateful for the new home because she and two boys previously shared a bed in a small apartment. 

APD said they are happy they were able to uplift the family, but they understand their lives will never be the same. 

"...their adjustment to this new normal won’t be easy. Allison had to quit work to be at the hospital with Isiah for the past two months, and though she plans to return to work once the family gets everything lined up with Isiah’s home care and schooling needs, in the interim, this family still needs help," APD posted on Facebook with a link to the GoFundMe account.

The GoFundMe has raised around $6,900 of the $20,000 goal, according to the website. 

Payton will require long-term disability care as a result of his injuries.

APD has arrested one of the shooters in the case and said they are actively looking for the other suspect. They are asking anyone with information on the case to contact them at Crime Stoppers at 1-404-577-TIPS. 


Shaquille O'Neal pays rent for paralyzed boy's family

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