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'It's about time': OCA Sacramento Chapter shares thoughts on AAPI wins at 80th Golden Globe Awards

OCA Sacramento President Jinky Dolar spoke with ABC10 about how enthusiastic she was to hear and see Michelle Yeoh's heartfelt speech.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — "Her acceptance speech is wonderful and heartwarming...it's about time," said OCA Sacramento President Jinky Dolar.

Dolar spoke with ABC10 a day after the 80th Golden Globe Awards aired where two actors of Asian descent graced the stage as winners:

"Just like in 2020 when Awkwafina won right?" said Dolar. "It's wonderful and being recognized, especially the way she spoke about herself."

"Her (being) vocal and supporting advocacy for the community, it's great," said Dolar. "And it's about time again, right, especially after "Stop the Hate" for the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders)."

Dolar went on to describe how the speech spoke to her strongly about being an Asian woman and battling against stereotypes.

"I just love what she told the back person like, 'shut up, let me be, let me speak. It's my time. I'm gonna kick your butt,' right? Because that's what we are. We always want to be the quiet person," Dolar said. "Always wanna be like, be quiet. Listen, be patience right. But (as) for myself, I've always been quiet before but since the "Stop the Hate," I become vocal. I'm just like, you know what, no more. I'm going to speak up, speak from the heart and become louder."

Dolar went on to talk about how the organization she leads aims to strengthen the community by offering leadership and public speaking courses free of charge. Also, she talked about how they are working to bring more awareness to violence against Asian community members and supply resources to victims.

To learn more about the organization, click here.

"You know, that the two winners (are) AAPI, I say, it's about time," said Dolar. "We're very underrepresented (in) Hollywood right? We hope it's continued, to grow for the AAPI (and the) Hispanic, the Black community, all of them. We hope to continue to grow the underrepresented."

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