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Local enforcement share mass shooting preparedness plans

ABC10 spoke with multiple local law enforcement agencies on how training is being used to keep you safe.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Now in the wake of three mass shooting incidents in California in just three days, there are feelings of concern and anxiety throughout the community.

ABC10 spoke reached out to five departments for this story, two departments responded and spoke on how training is being used to keep you safe. 

Others said they could not share too many specifics because they needed to protect their procedures. But they do want the community to know any concern or suspicion is never a bother and they want you to come to them.

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The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says they are prepared should an active shooter incident occur.

Deputies go to regular physical training for a variety of active shooter events like what you can see here.

Intelligence gathering is also a 24/7 operation, and in light of the mass shooting in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, the sheriff's office wants to highlight a resource.

"We can speak to anyone from virtually any background we have a language line that our deputies can get on the phone and have a translator there instantly so don't let language be a barrier to report or contact us don't let culture get in the way we are genuinely here to help,” said Sgt. Amar Gandhi, spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office.

Following the mass shootings in California, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says they have increased patrol responses in areas with upcoming Lunar New Year events.

Departments across the region often train together because for mass shootings everyone will respond.

Robert Strange, the police chief of the West Sacramento Police Department, says there has been a shift in response.

During the Columbine High School mass shooting in 1999, the police response was to wait and gather information.

Or only specialized teams would engage the shooter.

Strange says things have changed.

"But the expectation is we go in and resolve these things and I think it's the important the community hear that because it flies in the face of what we saw in Uvalde and when we saw that at least my reaction was I was shocked because it counter the training of the last 20 years,” said Strange.

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