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The issues near X Street and Broadway, explained | To The Point

In August, Jamba Juice closed its doors, and a few weeks later Starbucks did too — citing safety concerns. There have been numerous incidents in the area since then.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Neighbors and Councilmember Katie Valenzuela say issues began piling up near X Street and Broadway when homeless encampments were moved from under the W/X Freeway early this summer.

In August, Jamba Juice closed its doors, and a few weeks later, Starbucks did too — citing safety concerns.

"Here's Starbucks where families could sit and have coffee. Now, it's all tagged up. Is this what our city wants to see?" said Kristina Rogers, with the Land Park Community Association. "Is this the revitalization they've been talking about? Because I don't see it. "

Rogers says she isn't surprised Wednesday's shooting happened just a block away.

"Crime and drug dealing has exploded," said Rogers.

She adds she and her neighbors want to see a crackdown on crime and assistance to the unhoused.

"Was it a drug deal gone wrong? Or was it a homeless person who was trying to protect themselves from some sort of assault?" said Rogers. "We don't know that yet, but either way, it's wrong and we don't want that happening. "

Neighbors and housing advocates have been at odds over the best solution: police enforcement or more housing. Dueling protests temporarily shut down Broadway in mid-September.

Bob Erlenbusch with the Coalition to End Homelessness says more housing is key.

"Clearly, this would not be an issue if there was enough shelter and enough safe spaces for our unhoused neighbors," Erlenbusch said.

He says homelessness should not be criminalized, but more policing is needed.

"Let's focus on not the homeless people, but whoever is committing crimes on property or other people, drug dealing and all the rest of it to bring the crime rate down," Erlenbusch said.

Sacramento police have said they are committed to improving the quality of life in the city and encouraging people to report criminal activity.

A frustrating part for people, city leaders say it is the county that handles homeless, mental health and addiction resources. Meanwhile, county officials say these specific issues on Broadway and X Street are in the city's jurisdiction.

ABC10 did follow up with Councilmember Katie Valenzuela's office. A spokesperson says there is no update they are aware of regarding the county partnership, but they'll continue to try to find inroads with county and state partners to create the resources necessary to effectively address the situation in that area.

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