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Megaflood: California’s disaster in waiting | Go in-depth with our 4-part series

New research indicates 'megafloods' are twice as likely in the future due to our changing climate.

Staff (ABC10), Monica Woods, Rob Carlmark, Brenden Mincheff, Carley Gomez (ABC10)

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Published: 12:20 PM PST December 15, 2022
Updated: 10:22 AM PST December 16, 2022

When you think of California's climate, drought probably comes to mind first, but California has a long history of floods. Some floods were so punishing and relentless they crippled the state.

New research indicates these "megafloods" are twice as likely in the future with a changing climate. It's a future we can't avoid, but we can learn from the past and prepare.

ABC10's team of meteorologists investigated the topic, answering questions like: What exactly is a megaflood? Can our infrastructure withstand it? What would an emergency response during a flood look like? How can you prepare your property for a flood?

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