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HONORED ASHES, STORIES UNTOLD: Sacramento's deadliest plane crash

A plane crash killed 22 people at a Sacramento ice cream parlor 50 years ago. First responders share their stories with ABC10 for the first time.

Alex Bell

Associated Press

Published: 9:23 PM PDT September 19, 2022
Updated: 9:23 PM PDT September 19, 2022

Watch the full episode:

50 years ago tragedy struck in Sacramento. The city was forever changed when a plane crashed through an ice cream parlor killing 22 people. 

ABC10's To The Point team sat down with four first responders who were all there that day. Each with a different experience but one shared mission. Their stories have gone untold until now.

Below is a series of interviews with Henry Ogg, Val Schiele, Larry Hopkins and Larry Schluer.

Credit: ABC10

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