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'These are people' | ABC10's Roxanne Elias speaks about why migrant stories matter

ABC10 reporter Roxanne Elias shares her personal connection to covering migrant stories.


Over the past several days, two flights carrying migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas arrived in Sacramento. 

Organizations in our area have been scrambling to help them find housing, connect with families, and more. 

ABC10 has been told all 36 migrants are here legally and have paperwork to move forward and stay in the U.S. Some of the asylum seekers have already been reunited with their families and are asking how they can contribute to the community. 

The To the Point team sat down with ABC10 Reporter Roxanne Elias who has been covering the recent arrival of migrants in Sacramento. 

“I want people to know that these are people, I think what we see on TV doesn't even touch the surface of what's actually happening at the border,” said Elias. 

Elias explains why covering, understanding, and sharing migrant stories is something she takes to heart.

"Both my mom, dad, and a lot of my family, they're all migrants," Elias said. "They all [fleed] their countries for a better life, essentially, for a better life for their children too."

She also explains what’s next for the newly arrived migrants and the help they need.

If you would like to help migrants click HERE. 

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