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Why aren't there more Kings fans? | Why Guy

The Kings have had a losing record in 28 of their 36 seasons in Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Today's Why Guy question from Bob Niles, who asks, "why aren't there more Kings fans of late?"

Bob, it's been a long cold road for NBA fans in Sacramento. One could make a strong case that since arriving in 1985, the Kings have been court jesters outside of that glorious eight year stretch around the turn of the century.

But, even that didn't produce a Western Conference title. The Kings have had a losing record in 28 of their 36 seasons in Sacramento.

That's a reason why the Kings don't have more fans, when locals can just as easily root for the Warriors and Lakers, who actually....win.

Matt George, host of the Locked on Kings podcast, said it's been 15 years since the team had a winning record. 

"This latest generation of Kings fans have yet to see a winning team," George said.

To end this somewhat positively, with a new general manager and a stable roster, we hope to see the team sniffing the playoffs this year. Just before the season begins, an aggregate of Vegas oddsmakers have the Kings winning 37 games.

If that rings true, that would be the 16th year in a row of losing and no playoffs.

If they get in, great! If not, it'll just be the same old thing that Sacramento has gotten used to.


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