Today's Why Guy question comes from ABC10 viewer Tim Crouch.

Is law enforcement not cracking down on drivers, especially those on their phone, talking while driving?

"We are," Officer Linda Matthew, public information officer for the Sacramento Police Department, said. "It's part of our distracted driving campaign and that's something that leads to a lot of traffic collisions here. Certainly when you are on your phone, you are distracted, you aren't paying attention to other drivers, motorists and pedestrians."

Matthew said it's a serious issue, with a first-time fine costing the driver $50.

California passed a window tinting law in 2017 which allows your rear and back side windows to be any tint darkness, but your front windows and windshield must have a much lighter tint.

Spotting violators isn't difficult, but is citing them with a $150 ticket a priority?

"So, tinted windows is a equipment violation, it's against the law and you can be cited for it, but I would say the focus is more on distracted driving and we focus more on cell phones or speed," Matthew said.

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