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Why Guy: Why are so many Bank of America branches closed?

Greg Jourden asks, "Why is Bank of America closing so many of their branches now? I live in Orangevale and the only branches...open are in Roseville." Walt explains.

ORANGEVALE, Calif. — Today's Why Guy question from Greg Jourden, who asks, "Why is Bank of America closing so many of their branches now? I live in Orangevale and the only branches that are open are in Roseville."

Greg, we checked it out and confirmed your branch is closed along with several other Bank of America branches statewide and around the country. Colleen Haggerty, senior vice president of media relations for Bank of America, said the financial institute has been "briefly closing financial centers" since early in the pandemic.

"These temporary closures occur in areas where foot traffic is low, or when staffing is not sufficient for all to remain open," Haggerty said. "When a center closes, we work to reopen it as soon as possible."

The Orangevale branch, which is still closed, is scheduled to reopen sometime this week, according to Haggerty. The closest branch to the one in Orangevale is in Citrus Heights, which was temporarily closed, but has since reopened. 

Chances are, if you see a branch closed, it's only temporary and related to COVID-19. Branch closures are also being seen at other major financial institutions in California, like Wells Fargo.

"Clients also always have the ability to transact most financial needs through our ATM network, mobile and online banking," Haggerty said. 

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