STOCKTON, Calif. — Today's Why Guy question has to do with stairs in Stockton. 

"Why are there stairs along Highway 4 in Stockton? The stairs go from the freeway, up to a wall at the top of the embankment." 

Yes…those stairs. What are they? Hwy. 4 is just south of downtown Stockton and a quick four mile long straight shot crosstown that connects Interstate 5 to Hwy. 99.

As you cruise along the highway in Stockton, there are multiple staircases that lead from the highway shoulder straight up to the top of the walled embankments. Does the state really want people walking up and down stairs to a highway? Why?

"The stairs are used to assist workers in accessing the slope from the roadway...performing several tasks such as trash/debris removal, irrigation and drainage maintenance...graffiti removal on the sound walls and tree/vegetable trimming," Cal Trans spokesperson Skip Allum said.

So, the stairs are there to help Cal Trans workers navigate the steep slope of the embankment that has limited access points at the top. The stairs are for them, not for us.

If you don't work for Cal Trans, stay off the steps!

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