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Why Guy: Why aren't we seeing more of Joe Biden on the campaign trail?

Today's Why Guy questions comes from Fred, who asks, "Why don't we see Biden on the news? Shouldn't he be campaigning?" Walt explains.

Why Guy is back after spending time exclusively covering other news like COVID-19, the economy, and social issues. And, politics.

Today's question comes from Fred Talbot on Facebook, who asks, "Why don't we see Biden on the news? Isn't he campaigning?"

Many have asked that question, Fred, and the quick response is he's laying low because his poll numbers are big. There's also concern that if Biden gets into situations with rapid-fire questions that he doesn't fair well.

The truth is, with about 100 days to go until the election, that you'll be seeing much more of Joe Biden starting now. More fundraising and campaign ads are rolling out in battleground states and there's been a huge increase in his campaign staff. He’s also on the clock to choose a vice-presidential running mate.

This doesn't mean you'll see Biden soon fielding questions at press conferences and rallies since the pandemic has restricted large crowds. The Biden campaign is carefully managing their candidate.

That all changes when Biden debates President Donald Trump in the first of three scheduled debates.

The first one has just been relocated from Notre Dame University in Indiana to Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University on September 29. Two more debates will follow in October. Those dates and locations are still being finalized.

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