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WHY GUY: Why can't I work on my car outside of my house in Sacramento County?

If you take your sweet time, you could be handed a fine.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Today's Why Guy question comes to us via anonymous text...

"Why can't I work on my car outside of my house?"

Is it illegal for you to fix a vehicle in your driveway? According to Sacramento County code, it's not illegal to change your oil or fix a flat tire, as long as you get it done in a timely manner, like within a day.

On the popular Grassroots Motorsports forum, people are suggesting Sacramento County is cracking down on driveway repair violations with $430 fines. How do you get caught? Maybe you have a car up on jacks for over 24 hours and a neighbor makes a phone call to report you.

Kim Nava, Sacramento County's Public Information Officer, said the county is concerned about major automotive repair work, "particularly on multiple cars in the same area over a period of time, because the chemicals used cause pollution and endanger the health and well-being of our residents...and can negatively impact property values."  


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Sacramento County is not alone with strict enforcement codes, its consistent with other counties in California and states throughout the U.S. Members of Grassroots Motorsports' forum suggests sometimes, if you can't finish a minor repair job quickly, it may be best to do any repairs behind a closed garage door. It's also important to know your neighborhood Home Owners Association rules.

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