SACRAMENTO, Calif. — One of the most Googled why questions is, "why does my dog eat grass?"

Anyone who’s ever had a dog has likely wondered, what is my dog doing? Why do dogs like to munch on a grass salad?

There are several theories: they have an upset stomach and eating grass may help soothe that or cause them to vomit, or they have a dietary deficiency and lack nutrients. Another widely held professional opinion from veterinarians is there’s no real reason why dogs munch on grass

"Eating grass is a normal dog behavior," Dr. Molly McAllister with Banfield Pet Hospital, said. "It's perfectly healthy."

So, long story short, the next time you see your dog eating grass, it’s just what they do. Unless you just treated your lawn with chemicals. Then, it's a good time to tell Fido to stop.

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