SACRAMENTO, Calif — This week's "Why Guy" question is frequently asked to Google on this day, Dec. 26. 

Why is December 26th referred to as Boxing Day?

I'll tell you what it's not. Old timers boxing like some kind of fight club. It's also not about returning unwanted presents in boxes to department stores and it's not about trashing empty boxes the day after Christmas. 

I bet you thought it was one of those two, right?

The story behind Boxing Day involves the British Commonwealth. Wealthy Lords of the British Manor gave out boxes of gifts and money the day after Christmas to staff who worked the holiday, sort of like a holiday bonus. The other theory is boxes were left in churches to collect money to give to the poor on Dec. 26th, which is the feast of St. Stephen.

So, as this quick tale draws to an end, you'll be able to tell your friends that Boxing Day is not about heading to the mall to return unwanted gifts!

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