Our weekly “Why Guy” Facebook question comes to us from Chris Grenz in Lodi.

"Why Guy! WHY aren't the pensions of our elected officials posted on www.transparentcalifornia.com? Would love to know how their pensions stack up against the average folk!"

Chris, many that don't know that you can log on to the website “Transparent California” and look up the salary and overall compensation for any state employee. You can see what your neighbor earns at the DMV or if your cousin Kenny makes more than you working at Cal Trans.

As for pensions of our elected officials, is that something not so transparent? Is that not our business, although we taxpayers foot the pension bill?

According to CalPERS spokesperson Mike Osborn, they "provide all pension information to Transparent California. What they post on their website is completely up to them."

So we contacted “Transparent California” directly and asked them where the info was.

Robert Fellner, who is in charge of posting the numbers, told ABC10 that, "In 1990, Prop 140 banned pensions for state lawmakers elected after Nov 6, 1990. Those elected before 1990 have to file to receive the pension, and not all necessarily do".

So that's the sauce. State lawmaker pensions are not listed on the “Transparent California” website, because those elected to office after 1990 no longer get them.

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