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Why Guy: Why is there pavement in Carmichael that's red instead of black?

The Why Guy crew motored out there to check it out. What we found was — well, let's talk about it.

CARMICHAEL, Calif — Today's Why Guy question from Robin: "Here's one for the Why Guy — on Dewey Dr., in the vicinity of Madison, the road has been repaired/patched with a red colored substance. Why was that used rather than the traditional black material?"

The paved area in question is in Sacramento County — Carmichael, to be more specific — at the corner of Dewey Drive and Coyle Avenue. So, let's go.

The Why Guy crew motored out there to check it out. What we found is an unusual reddish tar-type substance. Is this the new color scheme of road patch? Is the county adding some color to the mix — literally?

"What the picture shows is the aftermath of trenching for a cable installation that was performed, said Matt Robinson with the County of Sacramento. "The reddish color is from the slurry that was used to backfill the trench."

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Just to make it a bit more clear, “slurry” by definition is "a semiliquid mixture, typically of fine particles of manure, cement or coal."

OK, let's hope this isn't manure or we're in to another type of story. 

So, when will this red dirt road come to a dead end, at least in color? 

"The contractor is is required to pave back with asphalt within 30 days or so," Robinson said.

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