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Why is there a soda shortage? | Why Guy

Why is it so difficult to find certain flavors of soda right now? Why Guy is on the case!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Today's Why Guy question from Shannon Hopkins Borland; "Hey Why Guy, here's something I desperately need to know. Why can't I find Sprite Zero anywhere? The shelves are stocked with a plethora of all other sodas, but no Sprite Zero to be found. I spotted it in a Safeway in Tahoe City last month, but nowhere here in Sacramento. Please inquire, as I am desperate for a fix".

Shannon, I'd love to help you fix your fix but you're in the same soda quandary as many others. There is a nationwide shortage of Sprite Zero, and Mellow Yello, Fresca and other Pepsi products. Coca-Cola, too!

Why? More people are staying at home and buying up soda off store shelves. Also, fewer people are dining out so restaurants aren't ordering as much product. That may be affecting the supply chain and delivery to different regions across the country.

Most importantly, there's a shortage in aluminum can production due to the pandemic. There's a shortage of artificial sweeteners too!

That said, you should see many of your favorite products back on store shelves soon, now that restrictions are easing and we get back to whatever normal we have going forward.

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