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Why Guy | Why are we seeing bees even though it's still cold outside?

Apparently bees are still hanging around in El Dorado Hills and Lauren is concerned. Walt Gray finds out what's going on.

Today's Why Guy question comes to us from Lauren Guest Churchill: "Why are bees still around? We live in El Dorado Hills. My friends and I are curious. Are they in crisis and adapting? Or just confused?"

Wait, what? They're out already? Bees are usually more visible in the summertime, especially when we're trying to grill outdoors or go camping!
But they're not exclusive to the heat of summer, according to the President of the El Dorado Beekeepers, John Havicon.

"Bees never really hibernate but remain huddled together when it's cold. They do take advantage of sunny winter days and when the temperature is above 55, they will forage on any winter or early spring flowers," Havicon told ABC10.

Right now, in foothill areas like El Dorado County, "Manzanita" is blooming along with "Rosemary", "Mustard", "Ceanothus", and "Coyote Bush." Bees are out now liking that. So, if you're out in the outdoors, BEE prepared!

The "El Dorado Beekeepers" educate all of us on how important bees are to the ecosystem. Many foothill beekeepers started preparing their hives earlier this month to add honey boxes on their hives to collect as much spring honey as they can, so for you and me, BEE careful!

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