SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Clearing floor space can completely transform the look of any bedroom. 

Getting rid of dressers and bookshelves and organizing closet space is one way to create a functional living space, according to Kim Salisbury, professional organizer.

Salisbury said to start by taking inventory of what you want to move into the closet.

"Literally look at how many clothes you have, how many shoes, the length of your dresses, the length of your shirts," she said. "You want to make sure you can design it so you have enough hanging space so nothing drags on the ground."   

Salisbury said shoes can be taken off of the floor and placed elsewhere in the closet. 

Also consider where keepsakes, like trophies or photos, could be displayed or stored within the newly reorganized closet, Salisbury said.

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Salisbury started with smaller organizing pieces but was ready to step up to a professionally installed unit.

Derek Holland, from the Closet Doctor, said when people start building out their closet, they realize they have way more belongings than they need. 

"Most people have way more stuff than they have the space for, or they've been hanging on to it forever," he said. "This is an opportunity for them to cleanse, get rid of stuff."

Budget is also something to consider when deciding how to organize the closet. There are ways to save on the cost. For instance, Salisbury pitched in and helped tear out the old closets. That also sped up the installation process.

After years of professional organizing, Salisbury said cleaning up spaces has become the biggest request she gets from clients.

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