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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Cancer survivor teaches journaling to help get out of dark places

Brook Thomas teaches a journaling exercise for people feeling hopeless, or perhaps even lost, especially during the pandemic.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Like many of us, Brooke Thomas is no stranger to the dark times.

"I had doctors tell me that I would never live past the age of 40. I lived in that death sentence," Thomas said.

Her death sentence was a cancer diagnosis, but she used it as an opportunity.

"I started to speak life over my body, over my health, over my future," said Thomas.

17 years later, healthy and happy Brooke Thomas now teaches others her secret to getting out of that dark place.

"I have two teenage daughters. I'm 43. And what I spoke out over 17 years ago, day in and day out, just became my reality," Thomas explained.

Thomas wants you to try something called "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," a journaling exercise if you're feeling hopeless, or perhaps even lost, during the pandemic.

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1. Write down all the good moments in your life

"Maybe you got promoted, perhaps you were recognized for something that you did in your life that made you feel so good about yourself; moments that you made you feel like your highest and best self," Thomas said.

2. Address all the limits you put on yourself and your happiness

"The things that you felt about yourself that were ugly, that was never meant for you. Stuff that makes you feel unworthy, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not whatever enough, and write it all out,” Thomas said.

3. Flip the ugly into something beautiful

"Start to speak those things over yourself. This will help you with a creative, different way of looking at things," Thomas said.

For those struggling in the darkness, or for anyone looking for better results in 2021, this could be a way to find a bright light in the new year.

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