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Can you take your dog to the farmers market?

When you need to take your dog on a walk and go shopping for produce, why not do it at the same time? Farmers markets speak to why it's not the best idea.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Can you bring your dog to the farmers market? The simple answer is no. Although there are some exceptions, a good rule of thumb would be to not take your dog to the farmers market.

California's Health and Safety Code states that dogs can be at the farmers market if they are:

At some farmers markets, they will tell you no dogs are allowed. Renae Best with Certified Farmers Markets of Sacramento County said that not only is it for the health of their patrons, but it is for patrons' safety.

Best said that it is easier to not allow dogs to follow the health and safety code and to ensure that no injuries occur because of a dog. She also said that they do allow for leashed, service dogs.

Although Certified Farmers Markets follow the health code and don't promote dogs coming, they are not the rule.

Living Smart's farmers markets are typically dog-friendly. Marie Hall, a spokesperson for Living Smart, said that at many of their farmers markets they have picnic areas that are far enough from food vendors that people are able to bring their dogs.

Hall said that, although they allow dogs in the dining areas, people who bring their dogs by the food stands will be asked to leave. She said that they rarely have an issue with dogs being at the farmers markets.



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