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These dog breeds are most susceptible to heatstroke

With so many new pet parents during the pandemic, you should know your pet's risk for heatstroke and the symptoms to look out for.
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Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. They're also one of the breeds that's at greatest risk for heat stroke.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As the temperatures heat up, have you noticed your dog panting a little more? 

With so many new pet parents out there, you might not realize some of the most popular breeds are most susceptible to heatstroke.

World-renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker says French bulldogs, golden retrievers, and bulldogs are just a few that can have trouble, especially when they try to play or exercise when it's warmer outside. 

Across all breeds, dogs that are smaller and older can also have trouble regulating their body heat too.

Is your dog one of these susceptible breeds?

Posted by Dr. Karen Becker on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dr. Becker offers these things to look for: "elevated body temperature, heavy panting or rapid breathing, excessive drooling or his tongue or gum turn bright or dark red."

"If it's severe, you need to head to the vet right away. But if your dog is able to stand, offer small sips of water and check his temperature," Dr. Becker said. "You don't want it to be above 104 degrees. It should be around 101 to 102. You can also try using a water hose or a wet towel to cool the body-- especially around the head, neck and underneath their legs."

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