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'A new lease on life' | Ace, the Folsom police horse, gets vision-saving surgery

Ace, a 15-year-old quarter horse, is back in service after All About Equine performed a surgery that saved his vision.

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif — A Folsom Police horse is back in service after a cancer scare that almost took him out of service.

His miracle story is all thanks to the time and dedication of a horse rescue group in El Dorado Hills called All About Equine

Ace, the 15-year-old quarter horse, has an important job that only select horses get to do. He's part of the Folsom Police Department Mounted Unit. 

"One horse is equal to 20 officers on foot," said Sgt. Tim Galovich, Ace's trainer. 

On thing that stands out about Ace is that he carries a different type of badge of honor than the one belonging to Sgt. Galovich. 

Credit: Miguel Cano/KXTV
Close up of Ace's scar

"He has a 'C' on his head, and we say it's a C for character. He's going to have it all his life, and it's a badge of honor," Sgt. Galovich said. 

That 'C' represents a new chapter for Ace. Recently, his health took a dive, and he was initially diagnosed with a tumor underneath his eye. 

Sgt. Galovich took Ace to All About Equine. 

"He had the prognosis that we thought he would lose his eye but not be a police horse obviously," Sharon Greene, a volunteer with All About Equine, said. "Our mission is to rescue horses and find them new homes."

The volunteers and veterinarians at All About Equine took him in, did an evaluation and determined Ace had a cyst instead of a tumor. They were able to operate and remove the cyst without damaging Ace's sight.

"He was given a new lease on life," Sgt. Galovich said. 

Credit: Miguel Cano/KXTV
Sgt. Galovich with his horse Ace

Ace is back in service with Folsom Police. 

"This was really our pleasure to turn this story around," Green said. "It’s always bittersweet because you fall in love with the horse."

It's a miracle story for Ace, a goofy, affectionate horse but one that can quickly go into work mode to serve his community. 

"It's been like a rebirth of a relationship. I've had him out a few times already, and he's never missed a beat," Sgt. Galovich said. 


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