The burgers, ribs, potato salad, and other goodies that make up the classic 4th of July cookout apparently cost the average American a little more than $50, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. 

An informal survey from the American Farm Bureau noted a slight uptick of $0.11 cents in the average price of a 4th of July cookout.

Their list include a summer cookout menu for 10 people and includes the following: 8 hot dogs, 8 1/4-pound hamburgers with buns and cheese, 4 pounds of pork spare ribs, ketchup, mustard, 3 pounds of deli potato salad, 28 ounces of baked beans, 15 ounces of corn chips, 2 quarts of lemonade, and one whole watermelon.

According to American Farm Bureau data, ground beef saw a slight increase of about $0.24 while pork spare ribs saw slight dip of $0.20.

For 2019, the organization also tracked the average cost of vanilla ice cream, which came at $3.58 for 1.5 quarts. If added in, the total average price rises to $56.38.

For more information, the full survey can be viewed here.

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