You may have read the headline, "Millennials are killing American cheese," (are we sure it'll die with all those preservatives?) but the reality is, palates are changing and people want products with ingredients they can pronounce.

Fast food chains are catching on to the trend; replacing the classic, processed slice with other cheeses. For example, Wendy's is adding Asiago. Panera upgraded their grilled cheese to a four-cheese combo. And McDonald's makes their own cheese without all the preservatives.

American cheese is also just not as appealing as it once was. For a little history lesson, American cheese was first made in bulk for the military during World War I, and we just kept on eating it.

Now, millennials like naturally-made things. So they'll sub out that Kraft single for a brie or Gouda or cheddar. It aligns with the millennial love of organic foods.

So, sorry to American cheese, but it just doesn't cut it with millennials' palates. Real cheese isn't dying, just the processed stuff.


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