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Coconut the snow leopard cub is only 18 weeks old, but he’s already a big hit at the zoo. His enclosure draws big crowds during the brief portions of the day he’s outside (monitored by zookeepers).

He weighs about 18 pounds now, and will reach maturity at about a year and a half, according to zoo spokesperson Laurel Vincent.

Coconut is doing well now, despite some birth defects that caused concern in his early days. However, with an intensive regimen of physical therapy, he has made great progress.

In fine feline form, Coconut displayed an uncanny knack for being precisely in the most inconvenient place when ABC10 went in to get some up close and personal footage of the adorable cub. However, a few 360-degree images gave a hint of his playful, curious personality.

For more, visit Coconut at the Sacramento Zoo.

Eventually he will be on display with his mom, Misha, Vincent said.