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More than 400 kids around the country are mowing lawns for the elderly and disabled

And it's all thanks to Rodney Smith Jr.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It was one simple act of kindness for Rodney Smith Jr. that changed his life forever. 

The Huntsville, Alabama resident spotted an elderly woman struggling to mow her lawn and knew he needed to do something to help. So Rodney grabbed his lawn mower and went straight to work. 

That night, Rodney said God spoke to him. 

"I had a one-on-one conversation with God," Rodney said. "And I asked him to use me as his vessel."

Since that day, Rodney has now mowed more than 50 lawns in all 50 states -- twice. 

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“I thought I needed to do something about it,” Rodney said. “That’s when I decided to cut lawns for the elderly, disabled and single mothers for free.”

Rodney is one half of a lawn care service in Huntsville, Ala., called Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

Rodney's first mission focused on the elderly and disabled. His second mission was more of a 'thank you' tour. He traveled around the country mowing the lawns for our military veterans. 

Since Rodney can't be everyone all at once, he has since encouraged kids in their neighborhoods to take up the 50-yard challenge. 

We challenge you to cut 50 lawns FREE for the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and the veterans in your town. If you accept this challenge, all you need to do is send us a photo of you holding a sign saying “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge”, and in return, we’ll send you your white RMLCS shirt along with shades & ear protection to get you started. For every 10 lawns cut, you will get a new color shirt. 

More than 400 kids and a handful of adults have since taken on the challenge including 24 in North Carolina and 4 in South Carolina. 

Here's how the 50-yard challenge works: 

• Once you cut 10 lawns you get an orange shirt
• 20 lawns earn a green shirt
• 30 lawns earn a blue shirt
• 40 lawns earn a red shirt
• 50 lawns earn a black shirt. 

Once someone reaches 50 lawns, Rodney and his team will visit and mow some lawns with that person. 

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