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'Wonder Dog' found 300 miles from last known home in Nevada begins new road to recovery

Thunder, the Wonder Dog, the Cone Dog was found limping around the Jackson State Forest in Mendocino County in the middle of the day.

MENDOCINO COUNTY, Calif. — A dog last microchipped in Nevada was found this week more than 300 miles away in a Mendocino County forest. 

His name is Thunder, the Wonder Dog, the Cone dog, from the Woods. His name is long because his journey and road to recovery are even longer. 

Thunder is being cared for by the Mendocino Coast Humane Society after he was found Dec. 18. 

He was found limping and walking around the Jackson State Forest in the middle of the day. Besides being in bad shape, what stood out was the medical cone that he was wearing on his head. 

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Davina Liberty and Sarah Grimes were riding horses when they spotted Thunder. They say he was hard to catch at first and was growling at several people who tried to catch him.

Eventually Liberty was able to get Thunder, and she called for help. 

He was taken to the humane society for medical care and later underwent surgery. 

His rescuers said he had wounds consistent with being attacked by a wild animal and other injuries. 

Thunder's Facebook page has more than 10,000 people following his story because its remarkable. 

He was microchipped but the microchip information had not been updated since 2015. The latest information showed he was from Nevada.

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The search was on to find his owners and, thanks to his Facebook following and people sharing his story far and wide, the humane society and law enforcement were able to find his owners. However, they have since signed paperwork releasing him to the humane society's custody. 

The humane society says animal control is investigating. 

What people are now paying attention to is his recovery. 

More than $10,000 has poured in to help Thunder recover, so he can find a forever at some point in the future. 

To follow his journey, click here


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