"Wellspring serves a community of women and children who walk through the door every day, no questions asked, no barrier to services," said Genelle Smith, Executive Director of Wellspring Women's Center.

The charity has been serving the Sacramento area since 1987. Every weekday, women and children are invited to their converted firehouse for a nutritious meal and fellowship. Smith said, "They’re looking for a meal, maybe a hug, maybe an opportunity to visit with friends while their kids are playing.” 

Every week, Wellspring estimates they give out 3,000 baby wipes and 1,500 diapers to mothers in need. 

"There is a continuous need here for vital products that children and babies and the women need. It never ends," Smith explained. "We will get products in and we will send them out the door. That is our job. We are great stewards of the items that are donated."

To fulfill the community's need, Smith said Wellspring is on a tight budget. 

"We do everything so frugally here. We maximize every dollar and every donation. It goes directly to the community," she said. "There is no middle process or administration process. Everything goes straight to the community."

Despite limited resources, Wellspring makes this promise to their guests: "We’re here to serve you and to offer you hospitality with dignity and love. You are here, and we’re so glad you’re here, and we don’t want you to feel anything that is not amazingly special and welcome."

For more information on how to donate, volunteer, or get services from Wellspring Women's Center, visit their website.

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