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Despite health warnings, Halloween festivities expected to be mixed

When it comes to Halloween plans in California, it's best to expect a mixed bag.

CALIFORNIA, USA — Halloween Spirit is on display as many homes in California are putting up spooky decorations outside of their homes. 

What could scarier than skeletons, spiders, and ghosts? If you ask California public health officials, the answer is coronavirus superspreader events.

"Some of the traditional Halloween celebrations like parties and door-to-door trick or treating pose a high risk of spreading COVID-19 and are therefore strongly discouraged," Dr. Mark Ghaly said during a coronavirus press conference Tuesday.

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Halloween is a little more than two weeks away. In an ideal world, people would follow public health guidelines, but this year looks like it'll be a mixed bag.

Restaurant owner Matthew Oliver said trick-or-treating is on in his Rocklin neighborhood.

"We are not going to allow the governor or the government to tell us how we are going to live our daily lives," Oliver, a father of a 2-year-old said.

Oliver has given out more than a hundred yard signs to neighbors who want to participate with him, and he says they'll respect anyone who doesn't want to opt-in.

Health officials say this type of traditional plan with groups huddling door-to-door is high risk. Others still are thinking of ways to still have fun while being safe, like making a Halloween candy delivery chute!

"I know a lot of people are having pandemic anxiety or exhaustion, and they want to have some fun," Catherine Enfield said. "This is a way that maybe they can do some safe trick or treating."

Enfield said her West Sacramento company, Pro Floors At Home, has plenty of vinyl tubes leftover from flooring. People can call and ask for a free one. She said the company has many employees with young children and she wanted to help by giving people the tools to make Halloween safe.

State officials and CDC guidelines say an idea like this is a moderate risk. So is setting up pre-packed goodie bags at the end of the driveway -- provided you wash your hands before.

In the age of coronavirus where the only constant is change, Michelle Labi is waiting it out in East Sacramento. 

"We have our family costume all planned out, but we are kind of theoretically, all dressed up with nowhere to go," Labi said.

She said she will likely keep festivities limited to family to stay safe. State health officials say that's the least risky option. They recommend a family candy hunt at home or in the yard, among other ideas.

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