SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Even on the day of Valentine's Day, chocolate makers and candy stores in Sacramento will have something available to make your gift more special.

Local candy makers and stores in Sacramento shared what special offers they have going on this Valentine's Day. Some of these items are in high demand, so plan ahead because these stores will be getting a lot of traffic for the holiday.

Kobasic's Candies

Kobasic's Candies brings candies and chocolate that are made in Sacramento by 3rd and 4th generation candy makers.

What's special for Valentine's Day?

  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Specialty heart-shaped boxes (1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound, and 1 1/2 pound sizes)
  • Heart shaped truffles (special for Valentine's Day)

Popular sizes range from the 1/4 pound to 1/2 pound boxes. These usually carry 6 to 12 pieces each and the store is carrying about 20 different varieties. Kobasic's Candies makes multiple kinds of chocolates throughout the year, but keep an eye out for their salted vanilla caramel, which is a top seller.

 Andy's Candy Apothecary

Andy's Candy Apothecary provides high-quality chocolates from some of the best chocolatiers in Northern California, like Puur Chocolat in Sacramento, Casa de Chocolates in Berkeley, Michael Mischer in Oakland, and Feve Chocolate in San Francisco.

What's special for Valentine's Day?

  • Handcrafted artisan Chocolate bon-bons
  • Chocolate assortments in heart-shaped boxes
  • Valentine's Day gummies, sours, panned chocolate candies
  • Molded chocolate in the shape of hearts, heart lollipops, and rosebuds
  • Valentine's Day cards

Be prepared because there's no telling what may sell out early this year. If you're looking for popular flavors, keep an eye out for the Sour Smooches and chocolate-covered marshmallows.

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Le Grand Confectionery

These Sacramento confectioners have been in the area since 1982 making high-quality Belgian chocolate. Le Grand Confectionery specializes in truffles, producing 25 different flavors that are sent to their store and across the country.

What popular for Valentine's Day?

  • Chocolate heart box: A unique chocolate heart shaped box filled with other chocolate pieces
  • Heart shaped boxes with high-end velvet or fabric
  • Custom and unique packaging designs: Custom boxes or packaging can be made the day of, if supplies are available
  • Specialty and custom boxes and assortments
  • Option to let customer service select the most popular flavors if you're having difficulty choosing

While Le Grand Confectionery specializes in truffles, keep an eye out for their dark chocolate sea salt caramel and their dark chocolate toasted almond bark, which are popular and always sell throughout the year.

According to Carol Shellenberger with Le Grand Confectionery, dark chocolate has been a popular trend for the store as of late, but chocolate molds and lollipops are especially popular for kids.

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For Valentine's Day, Le Grand Confectionery will be selling up to 6 p.m.

Capital Confections

Capital Confections will offer you triple the chocolate content that a Whitman's Sampler or Russell Stover chocolate box will offer you. The Sacramento chocolate maker has their kitchen behind the showroom, which translates to the freshest chocolate possible.

What popular for Valentine's Day

  • Chocolate covered strawberries - these items often sell out
  • Chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate truffles - the confectioner dips close to 100,000 truffles every year in their chocolate batter
  • Chocolate hearts with name etching - special orders
  • Unique and creative bowing and ribbons for packaging - some designs feature silk flowers or butterflies
  • Specialty chocolate assortments in a variety of sizes for people who "need it now."

Capital Confections will have designers out on the floor helping crowds narrow down their preferences. Be aware though, certain truffle flavors and their chocolate-covered strawberries are popular during the holiday and may run out.


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