Fortnite has reigned supreme in 2018, capturing the gaming world by storm. The Battle Royale-style video game has become unbelievably popular in the last year, so much so that Epic Games said that Fortnite has grown to 125 million players across all platforms in a blog post released in June.

This Halloween, you can bet there will be a skirmish over Fortnite costumes. If you're a nervous parent, tasked with clothing your Fortnite fan or you're just looking for an easy, Epic Games-inspired outfit, this list can help you out. There are many ideas to inspire you, from classic camo looks to funky and fresh outfits.

Of course, there are full costumes available online. However, for a more affordable option, there are a number of easy costumes to DIY, no sewing needed.

Don't lag: you'll want in on the action. Check out our list of the best Fortnite costume ideas!

Fortnite Default Skin

Default skin

No skin, no problem. Go back to basics with this classic costume.

What you’ll need: camo pants, a dark-green or black tank top, dog tags

fortnite-outfit-sun-tan-specialist-full (2)_1540340683894.jpg.jpg
Fortnite Sun Tan Specialist

Sun Tan Specialist/Sun Strider

Keep the summer vibes going with this Cali-cool costume.

What you’ll need: red shorts, red fanny-pack, tank top, flip-flops, shades, whistle

Fortnite Skull Ranger

Skull Ranger/Skull Trooper

Got a bone to pick? Stay spooky with this simple costume idea.

What you’ll need: skeleton body suit, face paint

Fortnite Triple Threat

Triple Threat/Jumpshot

This costume is a slam dunk: it’s simple and fun and doesn't require too much work. You're guaranteed to look like a baller.

What you’ll need: a red basketball jersey, backwards cap, armband, gym socks, sneakers

Ninja graphic


Dress up as the talented Fortnite streamer, Ninja, for a subtle, but recognizable costume. Only true fans will understand.

What you’ll need: blue-green hairspray or hair dye, a yellow headband.

Fortnite Funk Ops

Funk Ops/Sparkle Specialist

With this costume, it will be your time to shine!

What you’ll need: sparkled shirt, chrome/shiny pants, funky shades, a disco attitude.

Fortnite bush

A bush

The best camouflage = the best costume.

What you’ll need: many, many leaves.

Fortnite Jack Gourdon

Jack Gourdon

Go all out with this explosion of pumpkins. There's nothing that screams Halloween quite like a pumpkin head!

What you’ll need: pumpkin head/mask, orange tie, pumpkin suit

Fornite Reaper skin

The Reaper

If you want a good two-for-one, you can dress as this Fortnite skin and at the same time channel your inner John Wick. Don't forget the pencil!

What you’ll need: a black suit, black hairspray, black facial hair


Add angel wings or back bling to any costume for a customized look. You can also grab an umbrella and glide into the festive spirit with ease.