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Trick or Treat yourself: New study shows 79% of parents "steal" candy from their child's Halloween stash

Do you take sweets from your kid's lot?

CLEVELAND — It's not "stealing" if it's your child. 

A new study from the Morning Consult shows that 79% of parents have taken candy from their children after a night of trick-or-treating. 

Parents also aren't being shy when it comes to treating themselves this year. 31% of moms and dads say they have plans to hideaway their favorite candy for Halloween.

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According to that study, researchers also found that 80% of people believe that Halloween will be celebrated this year, up more than 17% from July.

An even more shocking statistic, however, comes in the form of the candy sales that are happening this year. The study found that Halloween candy is outselling last year's rate, up 13% from 2019. 

Overall, it looks like parents are excited for Halloween 2020, despite the challenges it may face due to COVID-19.

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