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Coronavirus pandemic guidelines for Halloween gatherings in some Northern California counties

Here is how your family could celebrate Halloween while stopping the spread of COVID-19 according to guidelines created by your county health officers.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — As the numbers of coronavirus cases are rising throughout California, county health officials created guidelines on how you could still celebrate Halloween safely with your family amid the pandemic. 

County officials said they would not be enforcing the following guidelines. Officials are using the guidance to teach the public how to celebrate the holiday this year without spreading the virus within the community. In other words, you would not face punishment for practicing any of these measures.

Here is what you need to know about how you could celebrate Halloween this year safely.

Sacramento County

Sacramento County health officials ask those planning Halloween parties to limit them to three households. 

Health officials are also asking people to collect visitors' contact information if they need to perform contact tracing if there is an outbreak of the virus. 

No one should be wearing a costume that prevents them from wearing a face covering. Halloween masks do not count as a face mask that stops the spread of the coronavirus.

Parents should also talk to their children about what the rules are before leaving the house for a night of trick-or-treating, such as only touch candy that they want. They shouldn't be putting candy back into the bucket.

For more information on Sacramento County Halloween guidelines, click here

Placer County

Placer County health officials advise that the safest gathering people could do this Halloween is virtual. They recommend having a virtual party, organize a scavenger hunt for members of the same household, or attend a drive-in event.

However, for those who decide to trick-or-treat, they should only do so with members of the same household while wearing a face covering. Also, trick-or-treaters should still maintain six-feet of distance from others, especially when eating or drinking.  

For more information on Placer County Halloween guidelines, click here.

Yolo County

Yolo County health officials are discouraging people from going to other homes to celebrate Halloween this year. They are saying there is a stronger risk of catching the virus while indoors. 

Yolo County health officials said children could still trick-or-treat with those who live in the same home but that they should still wear a face-covering even if they're outside.

Children should also maintain a distance of six feet, even when crossing the street. Health officials said this might be hard for children, but they should wait until they get home.

For more information on Yolo County Halloween guidelines, click here.

San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counies

Both San Joaquin and Stanislaus County health officials follow state guidance by asking people not to trick or treat this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

They are recommending families to celebrate Halloween virtually or by having a scavenger hunt within the home. 

Health officials also recommend watching favorite Halloween movies as an alternative as well.

To read more about California's guidance for how to celebrate Halloween amid the pandemic, click here  

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