SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Have you ever had to pass on putting a donation in the Salvation Army's Red Kettle because you don't carry cash? Well, this year that won't be a problem. 

The Salvation Army is launching "Kettle Pay," this Friday. "Kettle Pay" allows people to make donations with their phones through either Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Sam Jarosz, director of public relations for the Salvation Army, told ABC10 that there has been a drop in Red Kettle donations in the last few years. Jarosz said that "Kettle Pay" allows the Salvation Army to take the "kettles to the 21st century." 

"Times are changing," said Jarosz. "People are not carrying cash. Everyone is carrying a card."


Older phones might need a 3rd party app to be able to connect to the mobile payment method.

The money will go back to Salvation Army programs that are within the zip code associated with the phone.

For those who want another cashless way to donate to the Salvation Army this holiday season, CLICK HERE


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