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Millennials are killing... dating

Netflix and chill isn't ideal anymore, but going on dates is too expensive for millennials, too.


Guess what millennials are killing this time? Dating! 

According to a Match study, millennials can’t afford the dating life, but is that really true? 

Yeah, dating can get expensive, especially if you want to impress your date. Ideally, you'll take your date to a restaurant for dinner and maybe a movie, and we know how expensive movies can get. Then, if that date doesn't go well, it ends up being a waste of money and time. So, going out to get coffee, or something as arbitrary as caramels, for that first date could be assumed as cheap, but with the financial strain many millennials face, it’s a good way to see if that more expensive date is worth everyone's time and money.

A third of millennials say their financial situation is why they won’t pursue relationships. Many already have thousands of dollars in student loans debts to pay off, so adding dating expenses isn't a priority.

Millennials want to be in relationships, at least over half of them say they want a relationship. And less than a quarter of them are casually dating now, even with all the apps making it easier to have a hook up.

But more importantly, millennials are scared. More than half of single people are afraid of being hurt or wasting their time and even being taken advantage of. Plus, almost half of them want to be happy with where they’re at in life before bringing someone else into that.

So are millennials killing dating? No, dating culture is just changing.

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