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Millennials are killing paper napkins

Paper napkins are out and cloth napkins are in.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In the long list of things not safe from clutches of millennials, paper napkins have been given a death blow. 

Millennials prefer convenience. While paper napkins seem to be useful when you're eating, they are a one-use tool. Instead, millennials are gravitating towards using paper towels instead of napkins. Paper towels are commonly used to clean tables, windows and household appliances, so millennials see them as a multi-use tool, which means spending less and being more convenient. 

Millennials are also typically more environmentally conscious. So, some are making the switch to cloth napkins instead of using the traditional paper napkins in order to reduce their waste. Reusable cloth napkins reduce a milennials' carbon footprint, whereas paper napkins pile onto the ever growing dump. Where's the convenience and sustainability in that?

So, are millennials killing napkins? Well... yes, but only paper ones, for now.

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