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Millennials are killing... yogurt

Reports say light yogurt sales are down, but Greek yogurt and dairy-free yogurts are on the rise.

The headline? Millennials are killing yogurt now. That's not really the case. 

While reports say that while light yogurt sales are down, alternatives like Greek yogurt or different dairy-free yogurts are on the rise. Plus, yogurt sales are still growing — just not at as fast a pace as it has in the past.\

Where you might see the decline is in those super sweet and sugary yogurts, because people aren’t eating those as much.

A lot of millennials are going dairy-free, so almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk based products are on the rise. That's pushing yogurt companies to make adjustments by adding those types of products to their sales.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention that granola is on the rise, because, well... people enjoy eating parfaits

So are millennials killing yogurt? No, they’re eating different varieties.


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