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Millennials are killing traditional gyms

Places like Orange Theory and Soul Cycle are becoming more popular and appealing to younger generations.


Looks like running on a treadmill just isn’t cutting it anymore for the average millennial anymore. 

But I wouldn’t say they’re killing gyms. It's more like they're killing traditional gyms. 

Instead, they’re going to specialty gyms that have a variety of classes. Cycle bars and boxing classes are becoming more appealing instead of weight rooms or rows of treadmills, bikes and elliptical.

Millennials are all about the trends. So, when cycle bars and boxing classes become the thing all their friends are attending, they tend to want in. And a lot of these boutique and specialized studios have great places to take that perfect Instagram pic. If you don’t take pics, you didn’t workout, right?

Classes and specialized workouts are becoming more popular because having someone tell you how to workout is much easier than trying to figure it out yourself.

So are millennials killing gyms? No, they’re just going to more specialized and boutique studios.


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