Millennials are killing meat! But wait...meat is a dead animal, so it’s already dead? So how do you kill something already...dead? Anyways, let’s get back to the point here.

Supposedly, millennials are killing meat, but guess what? It’s not necessarily true. Shocker! Well turns out 41 percent of millennials buy fresh meat, which is more than any other generation. So why are they still eating less meat?

Well, plant-based “meat” sales are on the rise, growing 11 percent per year and even though 26 percent of millennials are already vegetarian or vegan, almost three-quarters of plant-based meat purchases come from meat eaters.

A lot of millennials are also interested in a “flexitarian” diet a.k.a. a flexible vegetarian diet, so if they want to eat meat, they can. And one-in-three millennial meals are meat-free. So, again, why are millennials eating less meat?

They are more likely to be concerned with their overall health and their impact on the environment, and those concerns go into what they put in their bodies.

So, are millennials killing meat? No. They’re going fresher when it comes to meat but also finding those meat-free alternatives to eat as well.



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