Blaming millennials is starting to become a thing of the past! They’re saving another industry. This time? Documentaries. 

So, why are millennials turning to documentaries? According to a MagellanTV study, millennials find documentaries to be a credible source. 

With news being consumed 24 hours through social media and different television programs, people are trusting news sources less and less. But they’re more likely to trust the information they get from documentaries and cite them in discussions. Plus, more than half of millennials will use the information they found in documentaries to back up their case.

People also consider documentaries to be good for their mental and emotional health compared to news, which they say is the opposite. And while Gen X is the generation that watches documentaries the most, more than half of millennials use them to help them shape some part of their lives, and they’re the generation that prefers documentaries.

So are millennials saving documentaries? Yeah, it’s part of their lifestyle.


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