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Millennials aren't killing...Irish whiskey

Something must be going on because millennials aren't killing something. Irish whiskey sales are actually up because of them.


It's a shocking headline. Millennials aren’t killing something! 

It must be the apocalypse! 

They’re actually saving Irish whiskey. According to the Irish Food Board, whiskey sales are up in the U.S. by nine percent, but the cost of Irish beer is down by 16 percent.

Millennials are choosing spirits over beer. They value the experience over quantity, so milliennials are actually choosing the experience of a higher quality alcohol. 

Spirits also took the market share from beer for the ninth year in a row

“The spirits sector is benefiting from millennials who demand diverse and authentic experiences, and desire innovative and higher-end products,” said Chris Swonger, the Distilled Spirits Council President.  

Millennials are choosing drinks like a Jameson Irish Whiskey instead of a $6 case of Budweiser. 

Looks like you can't blame them for killing this thing! They’re actually saving Irish whiskey and, as long as the trend of spirit sales go up, they'll likely be responsible for saving those, too.


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