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Millennials have turned into cereal killers

Millennials are apparently too lazy to eat cereal because they don't like cleaning it up.


Millennials are killing cereal. 

It’s because apparently they’re too lazy to eat it. But isn’t cereal one of the laziest foods? It’s just a bowl, cereal and milk. How hard is that? That's besides the point. 

So, here’s the deal, nowadays, cereal isn’t the only breakfast option. With brunch becoming more popular — avocado toast, eggs, breakfast burritos and crepes — cereal takes a backseat to the more modern lifestyles.

But, cereal isn't just consumed in the mornings anymore. Healthier options like granola bars and trail mixes are rising in popularity and becoming the go-to snacks of choice for the younger generation, leaving cereal consumption for later in the day.

Another reason? Yogurt with granola is making a comeback. Get a yogurt cup, sprinkle that granola on top and boom! You get a parfait. I believe it was Donkey who said it best... "parfait’s gotta be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet!" He wasn't wrong. 

Plus, it's easier to clean-up a cup of granola and yogurt cup.

So are millennials killing cereal? Not really, they’re just finding new ways to eat it.


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