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Acts of Humankindness: Venetia James - Hundreds Unit Dance Group

Venetia James has traveled all over the world but is now settled in Sacramento, California. A passionate mother of two sons, she is a strong believer in the power of womanhood. "I am a proud Sac State alum who continues to live out my commitment to community service and helping others."

The Hundreds Unit concept was birthed towards the end of 2015 as Venetia witnessed the divisive nature of the world's politics, religions and economics. "I noticed that in general, many are struggling individually without understanding the idea of collective power." As a professional dancer, choreographer and fitness professional, she recognized an opportunity to bring women together to support each others' collective, holistic wellness.

Venetia said, "We will deliver Unique opportunities for ladies to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual wellness through the many programs we offer. Whether it is HUNDREDS at a massive group fitness session, a workshop on wealth building or an unbelievable chance to be a professional dancer for a day at a major sporting arena, The Hundreds Unit is the movement to do it with. We guarantee you fun! We guarantee you inspiration! We guarantee you support! We guarantee you results!"

Venetia James was chosen as Dignity Health's Acts of Humankindness recipient. Learn about Venetia James and the Hundreds Unit, a women's dance group at 100sunit.com.

Acts of Humankindness is sponsored by Dignity Health.


About Hundreds Unit:

The Hundreds Unit is a diverse network of hundreds of women who work out collectively for multiple weeks, to perform at events in Northern California.

What makes our over 400 base of women unique is they consist of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of ability, dancing as one UNIT in their own unique way!

The events that are secured, are the types of venues that are exciting and draw hundreds and even thousands of people. The idea behind this is that in addition to our participants being drawn to the opportunity to perform on such platforms, it also inspires them to commit to the entirety of our eight week dance and fitness program, through a massive accountability group, performing in numbers of no less than 100 at all times.

This process exposes the women of the Unit to different forms of workout regimens, it encourages them to strive to accomplish their health and wellness goals regardless of how they presently may feel about themselves, and provides networking opportunities with in the Unit as the group encompasses woman from different backgrounds and careers.

Essentially this program is designed to nurture the mind, body, and soul, long term through empowerment provided through our Units.

Hundreds Unit is changing the lives of these women by providing them with extraordinary experiences and opportunities that they would only dream of having.

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