Charlie Linville is a retired United States Marine who served in Afghanistan as an EOD technician, conducting a sweep of a blast site when he stepped on an IED. As a result of the blast, he lost his right leg below the knee, several fingers on his right hand, sustained severe spinal damage, a traumatic brain injury, ptsd, and several chronic injuries throughout his body. It has been Charlie's mission since the amputation of his right leg, to push his new normal to the greatest possible extent. Linville said, "I intend to get the full 100% out of the 70% of functionality I have left!"

The Heroes Project came along and invited Linville to climb Mount Everest. This is what Linville had to say about Everest: "It has been our endeavor to summit this mountain going on three years. The first year we were sent home after the loss of many Sherpa due to the ice falls avalanche in 2014. The next year we again were sent home as a result of the earthquake that devastated Nepal. We remained behind with Team Rubicon to provide relief and aid to the victims of the devastation. This year is our year! 2016 I will stand on top of Mount Everest as the first ever combat amputee to summit. If my efforts send the message of ability despite disability / climbing your own Everest and overcoming, to even just one fellow warrior or person going through a significant trauma or struggle, then all the hard work, pain, and struggle will be worth it!"

Watch Charlie speak about his experience in the video above...

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