There are teachers going above and beyond the call of duty with our kids in the classroom, so we want to take a second to honor them.

November's Teacher of the Month is Sherrill Renfro.

She's a kindergarten teacher at Creekview Elementary in Roseville who has 35 years of experience in what she says is the "best profession in the world."

"They are infectious with wanting to learn and big smiles and love and can't wait to get here and they just love it here so much," Renfro said. "It is the best grade in the world. It isn't a job. I love this. This is my life. I love coming to work every day."

But kindergarten isn't all naps and recess, progress has to be made and Renfro says there's a trick to getting it done.

"If a child in kindergarten knows all of their sounds then we go from there," Renfro said. "If they don't know any of their sounds we take them from there. We want our brains to be exploding. Not spaghetti, but exploding with knowledge every single day."

And that, she says, gets her kindergartners on the right track to becoming life long learners.

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