There are some teachers we all remember as having a positive impact on us.

Those teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to make our world a better place by helping students be all they can be. ABC10's Keristen Holmes introduces you to one of those teachers, Joshua Hall, a high school resource specialist at Creative Connections Art Academy in North Highlands.

Hall is so good at what he does that his students remind him of himself when he was growing up.

“I wasn't the best student growing up,” Hall said. “I didn't get all A's. I was in the principal’s office a lot growing up. But I had teachers that communicated those needs to my parents and then my parents stepped up. It definitely takes a village to raise kids these days."

Hall's nomination says he takes joy, real joy, in not only teaching, but also working with students who need a little extra help. So how does he do it?

"Sometimes, my job isn't working in such an academic realm,” Hall said. "I remind them that this year is a new year and as long as you try to stack as many good days as you can in a row, it becomes a habit. And you'll start to see that there’s another way to go thru school."

And therefore, Hall is taking home the top teacher prize for the month of October.

If you know of a teacher who is doing an amazing job in the classroom, let us know.