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October 2021: ABC10's Teacher of the Month is Alexa Ganter

Alexa Ganter teaches kindergarten at Woodlake Elementary School in Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Alexa Ganter teaches kindergarten at Woodlake Elementary School in Sacramento. She was nominated because, “She is very hands on, creative and brings a unique energy...” says parent Heather Roper. ABC10 asked Alexa a few questions about her career in teaching. This is what she had to say:

How long have you been teaching? 

I have been teaching Kindergarten at Woodlake Elementary School for four years. Woodlake is like a second home to me. It is a kind and welcoming community that inspires and motivates students, teachers and families to reach their full potential. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with an amazing group of little people who are eager to learn, curious about the world and caring towards others.

Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

My favorite teacher growing up was my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. McCormick. She was a gentle and kind soul and created an environment that was safe and predictable. I strive to emulate her in my classroom in the following ways: speaking to children in a respectful and loving manner, designing a classroom that promotes independence and sparks the imagination and infusing the day with rhythm-I have a song for everything! so that children always know what’s happening next.

What’s your favorite student success story?

Kindergarten is an exciting milestone in a child’s life. It’s hard to pick just one because it’s all the little successes that amount to the overall growth that a child makes in Kindergarten. They often start school with a range of emotions and abilities. In the beginning of the year it’s all about developing relationships, supporting their independence in the classroom and creating an environment that sparks a love for learning. Once this is in place, it’s amazing to observe them blossom through the year into problem solvers, readers and writers.

What advice do you have for the future teachers of America?

Share your love and joy for learning every day! Connect with parents and colleagues that are supportive. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

What advice do you have for parents?

Read with your child every day! Children love to be read to and reading with your child has endless benefits including: supporting fluency, expanding vocabulary, igniting interest and understanding of the world around them and most importantly it provides an opportunity to bond with your child and instill a love of reading.

Anything else you want to add?

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me in my teaching endeavors! My family has been a constant support and inspiration to me. There is a great deal of prep and organizing that goes into teaching Kindergarten and my husband Kit is always willing to help cut, sort and glue and my boys Sunny and Rocky who have been a canvas to my craft and an endless resource of joy and inspiration. Thank you for inspiring me to become a teacher and for the opportunity to be your teacher. My baby daughter Phoenix, thank you for reminding me to slow down and enjoy all the precious moments life has to offer and for all the joy and happiness that you have added to our family.

Thank you to Mrs. Roper for nominating me for this amazing recognition and to all my colleagues at Woodlake Elementary School for your endless support. I am honored to work beside you everyday.

Congratulations again to ABC10's October 2021 Teacher of the Month, Alexa Ganter!

Teacher of the Month/Teacher of the Year is ABC10’s way of honoring exemplary teachers in our community and say ‘thank you’ for their hard work. ABC10 viewers, students, principals, parents, family and friends nominate educators they feel deserve this title. Each month Sac State selects a teacher out of this pool of nominees to be honored as ‘Teacher of the Month’, receiving a $1,000 dollar check from SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, a profile story on ABC10 and ABC10.com, and other prizes! Plus, all nominees are put in the running for Esquire IMAX and ABC10’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ winning an additional $5,000 dollars courtesy of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. The ‘Teacher of the Year’ ceremony is held every spring.

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